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Community/ Institutional Composting

Compost happens…but it happens a whole lot faster when you know how!

Community Composting is one of the most sustainable ways of managing organic waste by a group or community of people. In india 60-75% of our waste is organic waste. Why throw it away mixed and get toxic vegetables grown in this mix in outskirts of our cities. We recommend that communities compost their wet waste inside their communities or in their lanes and harvested black gold is used to create organic terrace gardens, balcony green or community kitchen gardens.

Community composting takes place on a scale larger than home composting but smaller than commercial or industrial composting

Community composting programs successfully manage food scraps and other organics within a community, allowing for local control.

Waste to Compost Systems

Waste to Compost systems for independent homes, villas, small apartment buildings, flats, institutions