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About Bio-gas Plant

About Biogas Plant

Biogas Plant
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Biogas Plant

It mainly comprises of hydro-carbon which is combustible and can produce heat and energy when burnt. Bio-gas is produced through a bio-chemical process in which certain types of bacteria convert the biological wastes into useful bio-gas. Since the useful gas originates from biological process, it has been termed as bio-gas. Methane gas is the main constituent of biogas.

The process of bio-gas production is anaerobic in nature and takes place in two stages.

  • In the acid formation stage , the bio-degradable complex organic compounds present in the waste materials are acted upon by a group of acid forming bacteria present in the dung. Since the organic acids are the main products in this stage, it is known as acid forming stage.
  • In the second stage , groups of methanogenic bacteria act upon the organic acids to produce methane gas.

Although, cattle dung has been recognized as the chief raw material for bio-gas plants, other materials like night-soil, poultry litter and agricultural wastes can also be used.

  • It is a eco-friendly fuel.
  • The required raw materials for biogas production are available abundantly in villages.
  • It not only produces biogas, but also gives us nutrient rich slurry that can be used for crop production.
  • It helps to keep the environment clean, as there would be no open heap of dung or other waste materials that attract flies, insects and infections
  • Availability of biogas would reduce the use of firewood and hence trees could be saved.
  • Mixing tank - The feed material (dung) is collected in the mixing tank. Sufficient water is added and the material is thoroughly mixed till a homogeneous slurry is formed.
  • Inlet pipe - The substrate is discharged into the digester through the inlet pipe/tank.
  • Digester - The slurry is fermented inside the digester and biogas is produced through bacterial action.
  • Gas holder or gas storage dome - The biogas gets collected in the gas holder, which holds the gas until the time of consumption.
  • Outlet pipe - The digested slurry is discharged into the outlet tank either through the outlet pipe or the opening provided in the digester.
  • Gas pipeline - The gas pipeline carries the gas to the point of utilization, such as a stove or lamp.
Client Experience


Biogas Plant Installation

Client Experience

Successfully installed Biogas Plant at clients home in 2019 and here is the positive Review of Client

I have been using Biogas plant since 10 months. My Kitchen waste is managed, in return i get Bio-Gas as a Fuel for cooking Food & Liquid Compost to grow backyard garden, it saves my LPG consumption by half. I recommend every household to adopt Bio-Gas Plant for manage their Kitchen waste.

Household Model Cooking Gas Plant

Homebiogas is a biogas digester that treats organic waste in a local and sustainable way. It produces biogas for cooking and rich fertilizer for your garden.