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Artistic Wall painting

Artistic/Creative Wall paintings - Develop the creative & aesthetic environment at Urban Street walls, bared walls, interior & exterior walls of customers as per their requirement by engaging local unemployed/ talented artists.

Rejuvenate the surfaces with artistic wall painting and 3D Paintings. The well experienced team of Artists will enhance the wall or any other provided surface into new look.

The Team experience vast from Extenal Municupal Walls to Internal Household wall decorations.

Salient Features:

  • 10 Years of experience
  • Genuine & Weather proof colours
  • Design & drawing as per provided picture
  • Tips to maintain the wall surface
  • On-time completion of work
  • Local Artists
  • Affordable rates

2D - 3D wall art designer for your home or office

3D wallpaper is something that enhances the illusion of depth perception, hence adding a third dimension to give a 3D effect to your walls. Folded fabric, ceramic and metal surfaces are of the best choices preferred by people for 3D effect on their walls.

Drawing/Sketch Art for Personalised Gift

Giving someone a drawing or a piece of art is like giving away a piece of yourself. Having spent a minute or even an hour of time in your life to create something specifically for a gifting purpose - is a gift within itself. It will mean so much more in the future than it does now.

School Wall Paintings

Play school is the most fun period of a child’s life. In the whole time period of school life, play school wall paintings play a major part in lighting up a child’s day. Every school or play school must pay extra attention to the walls in their premises. The walls of preschool leave a long lasting effect on the tender minds of the children. thus, the play school walls must be painted in the most colourful, bright and educational way.

This way we can bring in all the good and long lasting elements in the minds of the little children. The play school wall paintings must carry messages of friendship, trust, honesty, seasons, fruits, animals, etc


1. Without Paint - Rs. 200 per sq.metre

2. With Paint - Rs. 250 per sq.metre